Greenwell Point Community Memorial Gardens

Memorial & Remembrance Wall

Beautiful Greenwell Point located on the shores of the Crookhaven River offers you the opportunity to honour a passed loved one with a timeless tribute on a beautiful personalised Remembrance Plaque or with a dignified personalised Internment and Memorial Plaque.

Greenwell Point Community
Popular Retirement and Fishing Village on the beautiful banks of the Crookhaven River, just 15 minutes East of Nowra.

Memorial and Remembrance Wall
Located on the spacious Grounds of the community owned Greenwell Point Union Church.

Personalised Remembrance Plaques, Interments & Memorial Plaques.
Choice of Interment of ashes with personalised plaque or small personalised Remembrance plaque without internment.

About the community owned Memorial Gardens...

The 130 year old Heritage Church Building and the spacious Grounds are owned by the Greenwell Point Community and not any denomination.

The property was bequeathed by the late David Berry Esq. in the late 1800's to the Greenwell Point Community for the purposes of "Christian Worship" which allows all denominations to utilise the property. 

The property is maintained by a Committee who are members of the Greenwell Point Union Church.

The Community Memorial Gardens and Wall are available to all public, no association with the church is required.

Forever in our Hearts...

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